A tragic yet whimsical reading of neck pain as the new pandemic between festival organizers, festival audiences and people in corona times.

An informal introduction to my preliminary research objectives.

Physical pain of writer during quarantine is physical pain of festival organizer is physical pain of researcher during quarantine is physical pain of human under lockdown.

See image below.

Cervical X ray extension view. Source: Google.

Neck pain in couch & chair setting. Unprecedented neck & back pain symptoms manifest suddenly and out of nowhere amongst working individuals. Does this count as a specific symptom of the pandemic amongst cultural workers?

Neck pain of festival organiser: Festival directors, coordinators, volunteers have been asked to deliver things for people stuck at home.

Zoom meeting after zoom meeting, is organising through digital platforms ,it means working in 2020.

the way in which we try organise the digital world and deliver experiences similar to those of the physical world, is a glitch, is cultural work in 2020. we are in charge of organising the digital world for people to see, to enjoy.

I am watching a film on my couch, my neck hurts, I am distracted I am texting a friend, she is feeling lonely, I am lonely, I am cooking: I am baking bread from scratch. Later, I am going to read a book, and then watch a new series on Netflix, then I will try to go to sleep, I am not tired, I just need to rest, to give my neck a break.

My agenda says tomorrow morning I have a meeting, finally. Google calendar helps me make sense of time at the moment.

Attending online meetings is working, is existing in 2020.

We have a meeting, we need to organise a festival that is going to happen online. It’s a happening, without the element of uncertainty except for the possibility of a sudden internet vanishment.

Which film is the best for the average laptop and what is even the average laptop? Are there as many types of laptops as -successful TedX speakers say- “types-of-people”?

I am wondering, what means watching a film with other people? What does it mean watching it alone at the cinema, watching it alone at home?

What does it mean to deliver a program for people at home, how does this affect the programming of festival- kit-for- the-perfect- “at home” -experience.

I have to wake up at 8am because I have a zoom meeting.

(Can I eat whilst I am in a Zoom meeting or will that cause distress to other attendees?)


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  1. Henrike (Kika)

    How can we stress the idea of a zoom meeting? Why am I always sitting down when teaching – normally, I would move and dance through the space of the classroom… now it is already hard to make one stand up to grab something without turning off the camera. Is it the space we fear to disclose or our bodies that are visually closer to your meeting partners than ever.


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