Here’s a brief presentation of the Agder team in the Encounters Residencies / Tryouts 2020-21, and a little about the interests and work that we bring into the explorations that we will share with the rest of the partnership

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Liv Mari Schei

Liv Mari Schei has a master’s degree in musicology from the University of Trondheim. She has released four albums with self-composed music with poems written by miners in Svalbard in the early twentieth century: Soløde – Songs from Svalbard (2006), Longyear City (2008) and with author Sigri Sandberg: Polar Euphoria Soundtrack (2011) and Wind (2014). She lived in Longyearbyen from 2006-2020, and in addition to being an artist and musician she worked as a music teacher and leader of the cultural school. Schei moved to Kristiansand in July 2020 and is now studying pedagogy at the University of Agder. Schei wishes to research voluntary music life in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost community.


Anna Svingen-Austestad

Dmitrii Naidenok

Deise Faria Nunes (BR/NO, 1974) is a researching performance practitioner interested in audiovisual creation and interdisciplinary collaborations. Nunes is a PhD Research Fellow at the Department of Visual Arts and Drama from 2019 – 2022 with the proejct “Estuaries: Decolonial, Feminist, Afro-diaspora Perspectives on Performance”. The project aims to develop theoretical and practical work discussing paradigms for a performance aesthetics that is both decolonial and feminist. Through the discourses of Afro-diasporic women artists born, based or in relation to the Nordics, “Estuaries” intends to map existing and develop new decolonial praxes and concepts for performance.

Tormod Wallem Anundsen
While leading the overall Encounters project, it is important to me to also do something practical, something that is not just creating structures and a project, but that – on a small scale – feeds our talks and sharing from actual research or work. In this phase, I’d like to develop a work that i call Strangers at home. I started this as a tryout in Lesvos two years ago under the header Xenos – Strangers, where I found people who were not from Lesvos but who lived there, and asked them to describe the place in Lesvos that they felt most at home. Then I went to that place, and made a video recording, with or without them. I thought of this mostly as a rehearsal. Developing this work, I’d like to do the same in my home town, Kristiansand. Perhaps I will walk to a place alone, perhaps with them (whatever works in these times), or perhaps ask them to go there and record it for me? This also continues a practice of walking that I have been trying to develop more consciously over the last couple of years, and to write about.


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