Invitation to an Awe Walk – sent with love from the Tucson Team

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Dear Encounters participants, 

The Tucson team is looking forward to presenting some updates about our project on the 17th. In preparation, we write today to invite you all to participate in a small homework task to prepare for an exercise we are planning. Over here in the sunny American Southwest, we have been working on a creative project about awe walking.

In these current times where we are all so isolated from one another, we are interested in awe walking for two reasons. 1) We are inspired by a recently published study by a neuroscientist of emotions that shows the multiple health/wellness benefits of short 15 minute awe walks compared to 15 minute “regular walks.” 2) As creative people invested in applied forms of scholarship, we are interested in thinking about how we can use small, accessible artistic exercises to encourage people to go on awe walks and to connect with one other through these creations in meaningful ways. 

We will speak more about the nature of awe walks next week, but the very basic idea of an awe walk is to go on a walk and look for things that inspire awe and wonder (anything from a tiny caterpillar, to a bird call, to the greatness of the sky). For next week, we would like to invite you to each go on at least one 15 minute awe walk before next Wednesday. On this walk, we invite you to take a few photos (2-4) of things that catch your eye. We also invite you to collect a few objects from your work if you feel so inspired. 

Please come to our meeting with your photos and items, some paper, a pencil and pens (the exercise is intended to be done with black pen but if you are inspired to bring colors, also fine!). 

I will also be posting this email on our Encounters website. Beyond bringing your items to our meeting, we also invite you to share your images throughout the week as you collect them on our website as comments to this post, on our Whatsapp group chat, and also if you use instagram, to Instagram with the hashtags #awewalk and  #encountersproject. The more we share, the more we can remind each other to get outside!  

Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Take care and enjoy your walks! 

Jennie & Sydney 


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