The Circle Of Energy

by | Apr 14, 2021 | 2: Publishing process, Agder & Raketa Teams | 0 comments

  • Text and language – an artificial way to communicate. It meant to be received, so one’s energy to tell finds others energy to read it.
  • Nature evolves to grow a nut for some animals, a flower for some insects, it always finds a recipient, evolves together. When traces are interrupted, species die out. Living energy ceases to exist, but fossils and chemicals are still in nature. Now they wait their time to be digested by other organisms and continue that circle.  
  • Human brain evolved to create its own non-natural world (mind) based still on naturally occurring bio-physical processes in the brain. Any words, thoughts, acts humans perform consume natural energy from food and its own organs. 
  • Mind also consumes others words, thoughts, hears voices, music, sees paintings, colours. Everything you can sense becomes food for your mind. Curiosity leads you. Now your fingers, ears, eyes become your mouth, and brain process it.
  • Human brain teaches us to find food for our body and mind. Energy circulates in our body and brain, but the mind lives in its own world. Where physics concepts do not apply and logic is just a tool to think. 
  • Nature does not speak – why do we speak about nature? 
  • Humans do artistic work. Their energy of mind becomes existing in the outside of the mind world. Still mind fed from your body, but art needs no further energy to exist.


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