Welcome to the summer course!

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Dear students in the summer course Encounters between arts, ethnography and pedagogy. Welcome to the course!

We are thrilled to welcome you, and to learn that we have such an exciting new group of students. We have participants from Greece, Norway, Italy and USA, and coming from across the disciplines of arts, education and anthropology (currently there are 13 students, yet a couple more are pending, waiting for documentation)

As you know from the call for applications, the course has 3 phases:

  1. Online preparations: 3 course modules (and at least one Zoom meeting, which we will get back to scheduling)
  2. On-site in Kalloni, Lesvos: Summer course of joint explorations, practical project development etc. (31 July – 14 August)
  3. Follow-up and exams

We are a little behind schedule with the online preparations part of the course. However, we will start gradually over the next few days, and then offer you a more detailed revised plan and information Friday 27 May. Before Friday, I ask you to log in to our project web page / blog / course site: encountersproject.eu, sign in with your email and the password that you will receive in a separate email, and learn how to make a post. Making posts will be a core part of the online preparations, where the instructors will offer readings and themes which you (and we) will process and respond to through posts, thus starting to explore the overarching fields we are trying to combine; ethnography, arts, pedagogy, how they may speak to each other, and how they incorporate encounters in their methodologies. This initial ‘module zero’ task is to make a post, presenting yourself through something that you take with you to Lesvos.

When you log in you will see that the site is virtually empty. It is waiting for us all to fill it with the contents from our shared reflections, readings and experiments as they evolve.

 Looking forward to working together!



(Course & project leader – we’ll get back to introducing the other teachers!)

Image from a pilot project I made in Lesvos; asking people who were not originally from the island where in Lesvos they felt at home. And then going there. Here: The school yard in Kalloni


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