“Module zero” task / Getting started

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This initial task is just to get started with ‘module zero’, which is saying hello to the others, and learning to make a post (See instructions for making posts here. Your post will be visible only to other logged-in users by selecting the categories 5: Summer course and 5A: Course preparations).

What’s in your suitcase? What do you pack?

Part 1: Please make a short post on encountersproject.eu, describing something that you are interested in – or work with, or study, or do – which you imagine comes with you to Lesvos.

When introducing yourself through this … ‘thing’ …  we ask you specifically not to describe a ‘project’ you would like to do in Lesvos. There are various reasons for this, one (important) being that the methodologies that we draw on in this work – such as ethnographic research, site-specific artistic practice, or critical pedagogy – all tend to emphasize first taking in or experiencing the sites, people or contexts that you would like to engage with.

What we may still do to prepare, is to take a look at what brings us to these encounters in the first place; what is your practice, or your questions, your interests, or some of your everyday interests that you imagine come along in your suitcase or backpack to Lesvos, as a set of tools or gifts that you might use, or share with others?

Could you offer a short insight into one of the things you carry with you?

Part 2: as the other participants  also make their posts, respond to at least two of them through ‘submit a comment’. Do you have any overarching interests or experiences?

End of next week, Friday 27 May, we will launch material and an assignment / a task for Module 1, and also offer a revised plan for the preparation phase before Lesvos (we’re a little behind schedule).

PS: If you’re really eager to get going: Read the introduction to Art, anthropology and the gift. There will be more readings for the other modules, and we know some students are in the midst of their exams, so we try to make these periods of module 1-3 flexible so that you have two weeks to complete each task in your own time.


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