The Book I Carry

by | May 27, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022 | 1 comment


For this post I chose to share something I work with. This is my bullet journal. I started it when I moved to Arizona in August 2019, it started as a practice journal because I was working on my masters in Oboe performance and wanted something physical to track what I was working on. Through the pandemic it evolved into a home for all of my ideas. 


It is the first place that I started collaging, where I created my first vision board, where I found a way to track my life. It is the first time that I learned how messy projects are and allowed myself to mess up. It houses my first notes about arts research and mind maps of where projects can go. It is a sketchbook, where I’ve drawn out logos and doodles. It catalogs so many to-do lists over the last three years. It is a journal, it is a planner, it is a calendar, it is a canvas. As I have evolved as a person this journal has been with me every step of the way and as I look back at the pages I can track how my interaction with the arts has changed. 

Below are some of my favorite pages as well as examples of how the journal has changed.

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  1. Eleni Gkrilla

    Wow Sydney! What a nice idea! I was tryind to make something like this during my first trips abroad a lot of years ago…but I was not very dedicated. I like your hand writing type and your drawings. Also, I like the paper feeling after all . . We are used to electronic devices, but paper is always my favourite! Thank you for your post !

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