Module Zero – the indecisive soul

by | May 28, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022, 5a Course Preparations | 1 comment

Hi! My name is Katrine. All my life I have loved working with art and music. Being able to create something with your hands and body has been so comfortable, safe and fun. I have loved trying out and testing new materials, techniques and craftsmanships. I have realized that I like to explore this so much that I can not decide on just one specific medium. Everything from dancing, singing and playing music, to drawing / painting, working with textiles, clay and wood. Not to mention digital art through film, photography and graphic design. Even tattooing has been one of the ways I have worked creatively! Recently, I have explored creative possibilities with architecture in Minecraft, and have also worked with students in school with this project. It has been exciting and interesting!

I have always been indecisive and it shows through how I have never decided to invest in and immerse myself in one of them. I learn fast and therefore I like to try everything possible. On the other hand, I miss experimenting more, working creatively and abstractly, not just recreate pictures and motives. In recent years, I have been both annoyed and frustrated that I have never found my distinctive expression and own style to become extremely good at one creative medium. I have come to a conclusion that I need variety in the way I express myself, and use my interests and experiences to create art in different ways. I have added a music inspired movie I made last year, and I was really happy with it!

Music inspired movie

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  1. Helene Illeris

    Thank you, Katrine, for this very beautiful and poetic film from Kristiansand in Norway. I like very much the combination of film, moving colors and music. It makes me enter a world of lightness and summer memories.

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