Module zero – A suitcase full of images

by | May 31, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022, 5a Course Preparations | 3 comments


As an anthropologist, I have always looked for ways to approach and interrogate both the near and the far. I am passionate about storytelling, videomaking and photography. Lately I have been reconsidering a lot the value of film and analogue photography, which allows for a more artisanal gesture of making images. I believe that all these tools are very useful means to tell stories, to relate and get closer to others, also fostering broader collaborations.
In this sense, I am very interested in doing research “with” rather than “on”. I largely believe in the power of collaborative and participatory projects, where the voice of the others can be heard  and valued. I am at the same time enthusiastic about all forms of art, especially music and film: they can tell us so much about other cultures and the way they tell their stories and how they represent themselves through these art forms.
In Lesvos I’ll carry an empty suitcase, with only the desire to visually explore everything around me and the people I will be lucky to connect with, hoping to leave with a suitcase full of images.


  1. Evie Despotopoulou

    Hi Annagrazia,

    Thank you for your post, very interesting.
    I love photography and the way Barthes approaches such matters.
    I would really like to hear more of your thoughts.

    • Annagrazia Graduato

      Hi Evie!

      Thanks for your comment. I would be very interested to go deeper in the subject, too!
      Can’t wait to exchange more about this

  2. Anja Nilsen

    Dear Annagrazia
    I also like history, video production and photography. History and art are my favorite quiz topics.
    It is exciting to photograph nature, events and landscapes. I am very fond of discovering fine details. Unfortunately, the good moments often show up when I do not have the SLR camera with me. It’s so nice that the camera on mobile phones has got such a high resolution now that I get great photos with my mobile as well. I will travel from Lesvos with my mobile full of pictures.

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