Module Zero – Moments of Everyday Life

by | Jun 1, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022, 5a Course Preparations | 1 comment

I feel privileged to be allowed to start this course. With a background as a French and arts and crafts teacher, but with little teaching experience in a permanent job, this “journey” will give me even more experience in my life suitcase. I want to invite you into a few moments of my everyday life, where often study and hobbies provide a break from housework and arguing about screen time.

I have heard that washing dishes by hand can be a meditative act that calms the mind. The feeling of the soft foam, the experimentation with how much soap it takes to get lots of foam, the wonder of why some bubbles are bigger than others and the joy of a clean kitchen counter, are just a few thoughts one can get during a session. I have tried this many times, but am not yet convinced. Maybe it’s because the feeling of never being done is unbearable – in addition to many other tasks a home needs? Fortunately, it is very fun with soap and foam.

Have you ever felt how the mountain feels at your fingertips? The texture of the surface, in some places it is smooth and in others sharp. Sometimes you get a good grip, while other times you have to fumble ahead and then take a chance and trust yourself that you have a good grip. With effort and courage, the mountain will eventually reward you with an extra wonderful feeling and fantastic views when you reach the top. I never thought about the joys the mountain can give before I started rock climbing with friends.

I appreciate the wonderful moments that everyday life is filled with. Often moments with the feeling of being a bee landing on a flower, satisfaction with completed aesthetic work, perhaps a fun idea that comes at a rushing speed and disappears again, or a comment with an unexpected turn. I look forward to getting to know you and your gaze for details and what you think are good moments!

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  1. Katrine Sirnes Nesheim

    I love how you see the world. The little details in everyday moments and how much joy it can bring. The way you describe these experiences is so playful and childlike, and it just makes me happy to read. I myself become aware of what small details I may overlook and take for granted in stressful routines and everyday life. I look forward to searching for such moments on Lesbos!

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