Module zero: The tingling creativity

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Hi everyone, my name is Anja. Since I never became an artist, I chose to work for other artists at various art venues where I have been employed.
I’m the creative type who often feels tingling in my fingers for creating something beautiful/fun/cool. Oil paint was my great interest before I got kids. But with 3 kids and full-time employee, I had little time for creative activities in the last 10 years.
In my spare time today the “artistic” is fun things I do together with the kids such as gingerbread houses, linoleum prints, acryl paint and photography.
In the last academic year I have worked with optical art in street art, art with Photoshop, ceramics, and art with concrete. I think it’s fun to discover surprising details in visual art.

Optical illution in street art                      



  1. Phuong Minh Huynh

    Hey, Anja
    Nice to read your post – I recognize the feeling of being preoccupied with other things than what you really want to do. Fortunately, we have studies that challenge us!

    • Anja Nilsen

      Dear Phuong
      You’re absolutely right. I have done several new activities at the university in the last year that I never thought I would do.

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