Module 1 – Creative (Re)Presentation of home.

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When I think of home, my mind brings me back to when I was younger and lived with my parents. My thoughts go to when it was winter and I had a long day, but when the evening came and the sky got dark, I would often find myself snuggled up in the couch, nearby a lit fireplace, with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a good book.

What exactly about this that gives me the feeling of home, I realized, is mostly everything that surrounds me. My parents in the kitchen, the wood burning in the fireplace, the pages turning. Realizing this, I understood the importance of the whole atmosphere, and that is why I thought sound could be a sensory modality to convey this overall feeling. If this very scenario was placed in a home without no parents or siblings in it, the feeling would disappear.

I found that the personal element of my space and place was the most challenging to convey. The sounds are very typical for a home in general and could be found anywhere. Still, this soundtrack includes more than just the sounds’ physical origin. In this space of mind that I find myself in, the sounds reflect a harmonic balance where the physical, outside world is so calm that I let my mind, mental world wander into a very exiting world filled with action. There is nothing that makes me feel more at home than having the freedom to be both safe and curious of the world’s wonders at the same time.

This, I think, is an evocation of my own identity, representing the two polar versions of myself. On one side I love to explore and learn and be free, but on the other hand I also love the withdrawal from this world and to just sit in a safe space filled with love and comfort. I think my evocation of home allows me to be just these to polars at the same time and allows me to be a fuller version of myself. Maybe that is the reason why that space in particular is my home, because home is essentially a place inside yourself. The place where you are the most comfortable. And that is where you are you.


  1. Maggi Asbjørnsen

    What a beautiful description of home. It seems very cozy and inviting, a place I would love to visit. I agree with your point on polarities, how home equally offers space to explore and to withdraw, in regards to both inner and outer worlds.

  2. Eleni Gkrilla

    I liked the description of your home and I agree that freedom is essential to feel at home. It’s very rare maybe for a plece to combine safety and challenging but when this happens…what a beautiful home!

  3. Jennie Gubner

    Fire is such an enticing thing to watch in a fireplace, but it really is also such a beautiful thing to listen to. I love the sound of you drinking (tea?) as you sit by the fire. It is so relaxing to listen to and transports me instantly from summer to the best parts of being home in winter. Thank you!

  4. Annagrazia Graduato

    This description and these sounds project us right into your home, it almost feels like we are next to you, in a cosy place having something warm by the fire. For me too, the idea of home is that place where I find rest from the fast pace of the world, it allows me to rest and find myself again for a while. Thanks for this share!

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