Module 1, Task 2

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Task 2

The purpose of this second part of the Module 1 assignment is to introduce yourself further to your peers; what practices inspire your work and interest in this course? What is it that you hope to explore further? 

For this task, we introduce the following texts:

  1. Creativity and Imagination: Research as World Making” by Celiane Camargo-Borges 
  2. “Rate of Silence” in Thompson, Chris. Felt: Fluxus, Joseph Beuys, and the Dalai Lama. Minneapolis & London: University of Minnesota Press, 2011

After reading these, share a story of your own experiences using creativity and imagination toward world-making. Perhaps this could be a moment when you pushed the limits of arts known to you or research practices to explore a new way of doing/making/learning:

What was exciting? 

What was challenging? 

What did you learn through the process? 

How do you hope to use these experiences to further explore and create in the future? Instead of describing an entire research project in detail, we suggest describing the moment you realized you felt most inspired to push your own creative practices in new directions. 

Furthermore, we hope that these initial readings and reflections will start circling the field and questions. This course addresses what the practices of art, ethnography and pedagogy can learn from each other and what spaces of exchange between them that we can establish.

*Content for this taks was prepared by Jennie Gubner and Elmedin Žunić


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