Module One- Trust

by | Jun 5, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022 | 3 comments


When I started thinking about home the first place I thought of was a church sanctuary. I am not religious anymore but the countless Sundays that I spent playing around my home church in San Diego created a sense of home. Since moving away it is a place that I know I can go and feel connected to. While this is the first place I thought of I struggled to think of how I could portray it on this site. For this experience I wanted to capture the people in my life that make me feel at home. As I’ve moved further from home it’s the friendships that I have made with people and the adventures we have that has made me see home as the people that I am surrounded by.

I realized that the feeling that I was trying to capture is an underlying feeling of mutual trust.  The pinky promise is an action that I grew up doing with my sister. We would do it for the most random things. Now it represents to me a small action that says “Hey, I see you and I’m here” without being overly flashy.  

For my sensory snapshot I created a painting with a cross-stitched pinky promise on top of it. The pinky promise represents the trust that I feel around my family and friends. I used cross stitch because it’s a craft that my grandma on my dad’s side  was very talented at. Even though she passed when I was really young and we never got to do any of these crafts together I feel connected to her just by trying them. 

Choosing paint colors I wanted contrast so that I could use multiple colors of thread to create dimension. I wanted it to be tactile which is what the cross stitch created so the viewer could interact with it.


  1. Keyania Campbell

    What a cool painting! The pinky promise is quite iconic as a symbol of trust that isn’t so easily captured by the image of a church.

  2. Jennie Gubner

    Wow Sydney, such a cool picture, and I love the idea behind it that connects you to your sister and then more broadly to the experiences you had belonging to a church community. This is really lovely. The hands look so realistic! It’s wonderful to bring attention to such a small childhood gesture that at its heart really represents some of the core values of good relationships.

  3. Katrine Sirnes Nesheim

    I love the picture you made and why you chose the techniques, Sydney! I also grew up in a religious environment and spent so many Fridays at the local youth center and Sundays in the church. Although I’m not active in the Christian community now, I still feel so at peace when visiting the church. It’s also interesting how one of my close friends have that exact motive of the pinky swear tattooed on her arm. She got the tattoo while we were on a road trip with my friends from high school so it also made me really happy to see.

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