Home is belonging. My body is my home, and first I belong to myself, a sense of belonging with others and with the surroundings.

Home is acceptance, free to be who you are, allowed to set boundaries, make choices, and be super silly.

Home is safe, the feeling of tension releasing as you enter a place, or a state, or a group, that feels like home.

Home is cozy, a place to relax, seek refuge, with soft warm light.

Home is where I belong, and I can invite others to visit


  1. Keyania Campbell

    Wow! The layout and the photo make me feel like this is a space where I can really relax. That’s a blessing to have!

  2. Eleni Gkrilla

    What a nice photo and thoughts ! I like shadows because they make me use my imagination to complete the scene! Thanks for your post!

  3. Jennie Gubner

    one of the things I love most about creative ways of sharing knowledge compared to traditional academic ways is that we often can use less words have them carry such impact. This is a wonderful example. I agree that the color and layout also really add to how we experience your sense of home. Thank you for this work.

  4. Annagrazia Graduato

    I like very much the photo and also the idea of the body as our home. Sometimes we tend to forget that we inhabit ourselves before everything else. Thank you for reminding us!

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