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by | Aug 29, 2022 | 5: Summer Course 2022, 5b Project development | 5 comments

I have been thinking a lot about my project and the way I want to present it…

I don’t have much time, but I want to revisit the project and refine it. I think most parts of it are completed -considering the limitations on my editing skills. I would also like to improve some of the visuals and the mixing of the recordings.

There is one thing that still troubles me though; should I edit the visuals differently or exlude them completely? There were times I felt that there wasn’t an emphasis on (the ethnographic aspects of) sound and music.

And for me that is the essence.


  1. Helene Illeris

    HI Evie
    I hope you are fine! Could you give us a link to the presentation we saw in Metochi? Have you made any changes to it? I think we need to see it again to be able to give you some advice. It would also be nice with some written reflections about how and why you chose to work this way.
    Warm wishes, Helene

  2. Panos Panopoulos

    Dear Evie,

    I have now watched and listened to your piece quite carefully; I like the mix of local sounds, improvised singing in space, technological information, academic references and fancy ways of presenting your writing. Perhaps, you could work more on this mix, by adding some examples of each kind. From an ethnographic point of view or sounding, I also believe that you could add much more material from your recordings of different kinds of encounters, both between yourself and local soundscapes, but also from encounters within our group (singing together, listening to presentations, discussing issues both formally and informally, etc.). Also, you could add excerpts from Gefi’s singing lessons, applause and other sounds of socializing. I like the interweaving and flow of sounds and images, so I would not remove images; I would rather add some more.

  3. Helene Illeris

    Dear Evie and Panos. Thank you for the comments, Panos, I think they are very fruitful and I agree that you should try to add more material in order to vitalize and deepen your reflections/creations. Evie, I look forward to follow your work. As I will be in Iceland next week with another project (actually including Anja and Maggi), please send me texts and/or other material by e-mail – or notify me by e-mail if you post something in here. Thank you and have a nice weekend! Helene

  4. Evie Despotopoulou

    Dear Panos and Helene,

    Thank you for your feedback, it was really helpful.
    I started working on my project again by making some layout and audio changes.
    You can revisit my project here:

    At the moment, I’m trying to incorporate into my project your suggestions by adding more material(s). I apologize for being late, but I’m facing some techinical difficulties with the platform and it will take some more time to finalize the project.

    Thank you.


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