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From a distance, both in time and place and everyday duties, it feels like my experiences on Lesvos are banal. What have I gained from this study and this trip other than two fantastically nice weeks with many good people? What can I use these thoughts and experiences for? Why can’t I start the writing work? Is there a type of resistance in something that is difficult to grasp? What have I learned? What has opened my eyes? What new thoughts or feelings am I left with now other than a good memory?

The experiences on Lesvos have given me a caution towards new people I meet. I think we meet each other with our own experiences. Through meeting and entering into dialogue, we give something of ourselves to the other. It is this caution and attention that I have taken for granted, which I want to find out more about.

In one way or another, I would like to find out what or how a fishing net from Lesvos can create memories in interaction with natural materials. I think it’s interesting when we can create dialogue through work with art and craft. And that in meeting new people and getting to know them, we create memories. Our stories intertwine when we create memories together. With these memories, when meeting new acquaintances, we will once again create new memories – and perhaps with old memories as references and as a contribution to the topic of conversation.

I remember being curious about how fishermen work and what their profession entails, whether it is a profession that they can make a living from and how to recruit the new ones. The idea or curiosity was my starting point and the driving force to find the opportunity to visit Skala Kalloni, clean sardines from the net without knowing a word of Greek, and finally got hold of an authentic net from which we could make a memory net.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the semester, I have come across a concept that I want to research more about and I want to understand more of. I wonder if emotional reactions can help me to understand my investigations of encounters with others and which further create memories. I want to find out more about how our attention can be drawn to new thoughts and associations by what we experience.

I am unsure which literature and theories can support me in this writing work. I find everything I read interesting, but I am unable to be concrete and structured enough to apply what I read. On that point, I would like feedback on what I should or could do – in addition to other things that I haven’t thought of. Can the submission be a reflection note or a constructed diary?

My presentation will be a memory book about the selected meetings that I experienced on Lesvos and that gave me associations or thoughts for further work. I am in the process of learning how to use Book Creator, an online program where you can add images, text, video, and record sound so that it becomes like a digital book. With this program, the person who “reads” the book will have the opportunity to decide the speed and length of their reading. This is a new program for me, and I will then use the time after the written submission has been delivered to complete the book. I will strive to evoke the mood through images and sound.


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