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First of all I want to thank you both Helene and Jennie for helpful feedback and comments. I have been drowning in work, both inside and outside of school, and have not prioritized this project. As the deadline is slowly coming up, I feel more and more stressed because of the lack of motivation. When I finally have time to sit down and concentrate on this, I struggle with finding the literature and words to write. I hate procrastinating, but the vicious circle continues. Luckily I found it helpful to work on the documentation of the work. Creating a video lets me relive the moments at Metochi. The sounds, the music and the people. Hopefully it will help me to write my text.

I have created a first draft of the documentation video. Please feel free to add any constructive criticism. I wanted to use both video clips and pictures, while keeping the actual ambient noises from the clips. I also use music from the night of the exhibition. This makes everything feel natural and real, and I feel like I am standing “inside” the net-work again.

I was wondering if my thoughts and reflections around my video needs to be in the text? Or do we need them for the oral presentation?

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  1. Jennie Gubner

    Dear Katrine, thank you for sharing this video. I know it’s a busy time for all of us so thanks for finding time to continue to work on this project. For me the video really brings things to life. I loved watching it and it brought back the sensory experiences of the creation of the net. I think there’s a few things you could do with this. First of all I would ask you to reflect on how you edited it what you chose to include how you organize the shots and be very intentional about those choices. My only critique is that sometimes I felt the still photographs that are vertical were interrupting scenes that I was enjoying watching otherwise. I like the use of the still photos and the layered images, but I might encourage you to use if you less of them. I think your choice as to whether to include voiceover in the video or as an accompanying text is totally up to you. You could write an essay and record it over the video and that could be nice, or you might prefer to leave a video with the sounds of Lesbos and then accompany the video with a written description that explains why and how you made the video. Is somebody interested in visual ethnography through film I am always interested to know that thought process behind the construction of a visual narrative. I hope this is helpful and good luck !

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