Care-First Square

by | Apr 14, 2021 | 2: Publishing process, Greece team | 2 comments

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  1. Mattijs van de Port

    Crying out for a social life! “To let your dog meet another dog, let your kids talk to other kids” — that kind of sums it up. I could easily see this video slowing down, allowing the viewer to just hang out there a bit, then to take in some comment – the pace of the video requires me to pay attention to what is being said (which is interesting enough!), but I’d love to just join the people who want to do the social thing on the square. There are some very nice, surreal, edits in the beginning, which take you out of ‘realism’ – pity they then disappear … But loved the video, Andreas!

  2. Deniz Kirkali

    I really enjoyed the video and reading about the square! This made me think of a video work by artist Serra Tansel called Split Square. The video observes a day in Şişhane Square, in the very center of Beyoglu, Istanbul. Unlike many squares that are immediately thought as social gathering spaces, this one does not really allow for gatherings but rather through its design makes it possible to spend time there in crowds. According to Serra who records skaters trying to move across this very peculiar space, divided by naturalistic elements, the square raises negotiations, collisions and slaloms between both the space and its occupiers and between the occupiers.

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