The point of this project was to see how I could make a motive with finger crochet balls on a veneer plate and focus on the color purple. I was determined to glue the yarn to the plate, but further into the crocheting I realized the beauty in each ball and how the fiber was shown. I could not get myself to destroy this creation and in the same process destroy my veneer.

I decided to not glue anything together and keep the to elements as it was created. The veneer was painted in purple, by mixing red and blue, also with white to get even more hue. Purple got very clear for me. It was a mix of red and blue, sometimes it looked more red but by my definition it was purple because I applied blue into the mix. Other times it looked blue. The problem with this was that the yarn was already dyed and this time I had to define purple in another way, and I did not use the yarns that was too close to red or blue. Instead av combining these elements in another way I decided to lay the veneer lower down (not hang up on the wall) and throw out the crocheted balls on the plate. This resulted in a work that can be changed by anyone. I wrote in my essay that the audience could feely move the balls, and they did! It was so fun and new to me that I was allowed to make this kind of art. I can use one or both elements in the future, both together, or I can recycle them in a good way.

It was challenging to take a step back and do something else than planned. Sometimes I love to do things that are very planned and measured. Other time I love to make thing and take me wherever the process takes me. This time I had to change my way of working and let the elements decide what they had to be. I also like that this project became more tactile and therefore more people could feel and therefore experience the art. The veneer smells like wood and the yarn smells like sheep/wool. This can also be an experience of art.

I would like to experience more with art that is not bound to time and space. Or that it is bound to a specific space, so it only exists in its meaning because of the location. The work I did cannot be repeated but it can be moved, and the experience can be like it was, but not the same.


  1. Anja Nilsen

    Dear Tomine
    Beautiful colours! I love textile art. In a way, you have created an installation. It can be repeated over and over again, but is will never be quite the same as the original. You can film the process of making the installation for posterity, as a performance, but it will always be judged from just one camera angle.
    You are right that the work you did can not be repeated 100% the same way, but it can be moved, and the experience can be as it was, but not the same. A little sad and at the same time exciting.

  2. Jennie Gubner

    Thank you for your work and this submission. The textures and colors are rich and beautiful. I’m glad you were able to explore in new ways your art making. I like what you say at the end that you are interested in creating pieces that are location specific. I think this might be something you can explore this summer in Lesvos. It would be a good challenge to bring with you to the course.

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