Course readings – overview

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This overview of course readings will be expanded as we go. For now it contains the readings from modules #1-3

Readings module 1 part B

  1. Creativity and Imagination: Research as World Making” by Celiane Camargo-Borges
  2. “Rate of Silence” in Thompson, Chris. Felt: Fluxus, Joseph Beuys, and the Dalai Lama. Minneapolis & London: University of Minnesota Press, 2011

Readings Module 2:

1: Ellsworth, E. (2005). The materiality of pedagogy: Sensations crucial to understandings. In Places of learning: Media, architecture, pedagogy (pp. 15-36). RoutledgeFalmer.

2: Illeris, H. (in press). Ecological awareness with and through human and more-than-human efforts of embracing a former gravel pit. In B. C. Fredriksen and C. Groth (Eds.) Expanding Environmental Awareness in Education through the Arts – Crafting-with the Environment. Springer Nature.

3: Illeris, H. (in press). Walk on borders. In R. Irwin, D. Barney, N. Lee & J. Ursino (Eds.). Pedagogical Propositions: Playful Walking with A/r/tography. InSEA


Support literature 

Truman, S. E. & Springgay, S. (2016). Propositions for walking research. In K. Powell, P. Bernard & L. Mackinley (Eds.), International handbook for intercultural arts (pp. 256-267). Routledge



Suggested Reading module 3

Kantsa, V. 2002. “‘Certain Places Have Different Energy’: Spatial Transformations in Eressos, Lesvos”. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 8(1-2): 35-57.

Pdf File // Online version

Papataxiarchis, E. 2016. “Being ‘there’: At the Front Line of the ‘European Refugee Crisis’”. Anthropology Today, Part 1 32(2): 5-9, Part 2 32(3): 3-7.

Pdf file part 1 // Online version part 1

Pdf file part 2 // Online version part 2

Karathanasis, P. & Kapsali, K. 2018. “Displacement and the Creation of Emplaced Activism: Public Interventions on the Walls of a European Border City”. Entanglements: Experiments in Multimodal Ethnography 1(2): 52-61.


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