I was planning to upload the power point I couldn’t show in my presentation but for some reason I think that these diagrams bring us a bit closer just because they are handwritten. (let me know if you feel the same)

So I start recording myself during video calls and in-person discussions and here are some photos from these recordings.


After our last meeting, in which I was in the weaving room, I was very excited and just kept weaving for some hours. I tried to guess what my next steps had to be without using youtube tutorials (as I would normally have done) and it was very interesting and the result was a small coaster-“carpet”-something. So, among other things that I learnt throughout our meetings, I am very grateful for this.



  1. Desiree Coral Guerra

    WOW!!!!! Gesthi. You are a natural. I am thrilled you are now one addition to the thinking-weavers of the world. You did an amazing job. It looks fantastic!

  2. Henrike (Kika)

    Wow, the pattern is amazing and the colours:)

    I also like the stills highlighting your “phone behaviour”, the row below is an external camera and not your phone camera?!

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