Feedback page: Invading comfort. Reflections on filming moving bodies

by | Jun 20, 2022 | 2: Publishing process, ArtsCabinet (UK) team | 0 comments



Thank you for coming to this page from the Encounters issue 2 published on the Arts Cabinet website.

You were asked to consider a few questions, and we are curious to read your answers and thoughts. The answer will be collected and published in the form of a comment until {November 2022/3 months after publication} Later submissions will be welcomed too, as the page will be less monitored after Dec. 2022 it may not be published.

Please use the Google form below to respond to all questions that you wish to:

What do you think happened at this workshop? (After watching the initial video):

What caught your attention?

What images did you like?

What kind of camera operation do you observe?

What is the main action?

How do you think did the participants feel?

Additional question: What are your thoughts considering creating comfortable consent?

Anything else you wish to share?



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