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This is a ‘traveling library’ intended to be a place where many different useful (but not mandatory) references are collected; texts, artworks, films etc. Please expand and subsume your inputs under a theme (and create one if you wish)

Theme 1: Literature that discusses the connections between ethnography and arts: 

Sansi, R. (2015). Introduction: After the ethnographic turn. In Art, anthropology and the gift (pp. 1-19). Bloomsbury. 

Foster, H. (1996). The artist as ethnographer? In G. Marcus & F. Myers (Eds.), The traffic in culture. Refiguring art and anthropology (pp. 302-309). University of California Press. 

Rutten, K., van. Dienderen, A., & Soetaert, R. (2013, 2013/10/01). Revisiting the ethnographic turn in contemporary art. Critical Arts, 27(5), 459-473. 


Theme 3: Art – as encounters

Coumans, Anke: Art as encounter

Borello, M. H. (Ed.) (2015). Art as Social Practice: A critical investigation of works by Kenneth A. Balfelt.

Bishop, C. (2004). Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics. OCTOBER 100

Bourriaud, N. (1998). Relational aesthetics. Excerpt in C. Bishop PARTICIPATION

Theme 4: Pedagogy – as encounters

Freire, P., & Shor, I. (1987). What is the «dialogical method» of teaching? . The journal of education, 169(3), 11-31.

Anundsen, T. W., & Illeris, H. (2019). Inhabiting practice: Performative approaches to education and research as art. In A.-L. Østern & K. N. Knudsen (Eds.), Performative approaches in arts education: Artful teaching, learning, and research. Routledge.

Biesta, G. J. J. (2013). Creativity. Chapter one from The beautiful risk of education. Paradigm Publ.

Illeris, H. (2015) “Just Building”: Togetherness as Art and Education in a Copenhagen Neighborhood. Visual arts research 41(1)

Rogoff, I. (2007) Academy as potentiality.

Theme 5: Shared from lectures etc in Lesvos

List of references from Panos: Suggested readings in Sound anthropology




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