A collage book to present my work

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Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well no matter where you are.

Since the last update, I have decided to use a collage book to present my work in Lesvos. I have my field notes, photos, and literature on my laptop, now what I have to do is to convert them to my collage book, which means it’s time for me to sit down and cut! The reason that I chose to use a collage book to present my work is that I really enjoy cutting paper. 🙂 I find it relaxing. And by using pictures, stickers, colors, and texts, I think they can express my work vibrantly.

Here are some materials I have prepared for my collage book –

Please feel free to give me some advice. Thank you!


  1. Phuong Minh Huynh

    Dear, Gabby
    I remember when you sewed on the leaf. I wonder what it would look like if you draw with needle and thread on paper…?

  2. Tormod Wallem Anundsen

    Hi Gabby,Thank you for the ideas on how to present your work! I think choice of formats is always interesting, and a more analogue format to tell the story of a more digital (although on-site) work could be interesting! (It would, of course, have to be digitalized again, somehow for the online submission for the exam, and Phuong’s digital booklet is perhaps something you could relate to?).

    To offer feedback on how it works, it would be useful to see some examples. I made a comment to your last post some days ago about what would be the centerpoint of your narrative, which I think is always an important thing to consider, and build the work around that. Also, you may have a look at the comment I made on Gefsi’s post: It can be useful to remind ourselves not just to keep developing new work, but to look at what we have done and find a way to tell that particular story. Looking forward to see how this evolves, best of luck on the last rounds!

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